• About Foam
  • F O A M is working on developing, planning and realising construction projects. The two architects, Serge Bukor and Xaver Marschalek, are leading the company.

    Xaver Marschalek worked in Paris and Vienna and is valuably experienced in leading different sectors, like conceptual spatial arts, and planning large-scale projects.

    Serge Bukor worked in Bucharest, Bratislava and Vienna. In the beginning he focused on planning, later he was in charge of real estate development projects.

    Our main competence is our comprehensive way of solving challenging construction projects by pursuing the goal of creating high-quality and timeless architecture. Economic, social and ecological aspects are the key to the quality of our work.

    F O A M ZT GmbH is a sister company of F O A M ASSET MANAGEMENT

    F O A M A T I O N
    Arch. DI Helmut Anzengruber
    Thomas Brenner
    Arch. DI Serge Bukor
    Logman Forootan Nasab
    DI Victor Jose Huesca-Villascusa
    Arch. DI Stefan Just
    Arch. DI Simone Konzett
    Mag. Michaela La Garde
    Arch. DI Xaver Marschalek
    DI Juliana Mayrhofer-Bukor
    Paige Michutka, BSc
    Farzaneh Namdarpour, MA
    Zia Rezai
    Moritz Rohm
    Klara Seligova, BSc.
    DI Chiara Sotgia
    DI Benjamin Wendl